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Integrated Self-Consumption Solutions

At NetOn Power we are dedicated to the development of integrated solutions for industrial self-consumption in the form of PPAs rooted into the local environment, contributing to the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial companies.


At NetOn Power we offer integrated energy self-consumption solutions to industrial companies, based on a local PPA. The customer does not have to incur any investment, having access to substantial savings in its electricity bill and obtaining a stable electricity price guaranteed over the long term (typically between 10 and 20 years). 

The most immediate solution is, on many situations, to make use of the spaces on the roofs of the client’s building to install PV solar panels.


We know that the available rooftop surface on the client’s buildings can sometimes be insufficient to cover, in a significant way, its energy demand. It can also be the case that the installation of solar panels on the rooftop is not technically feasible. At NetOn Power we are specialists in developing ground-mounted plants (either on customer or third-party land), which will make it possible to go further and cover up to half of the client’s consumption, at a very competitive price. 

These installations of plants on the ground can be combined with plants on the rooftop and eventually with storage.


In those cases where the rooftops of buildings do not have enough space to cover the demand for energy self-consumption and there is no land available in the vicinity, NetOn Power offers the possibility of developing small distributed electricity generation plants, which will supply the customer through the distribution network. This can be in the form of a proximity self-consumption PPA or a PPA through the grid (off-site).


For companies located in the same industrial estate, NetOn Power can offer the best self-consumption solution. We develop industrial energy community solutions, in which self-consumers share the energy produced by the same PV plant. This facility may be located on the rooftops of buildings or on ground-mounted installations in the immediate vicinity. 

This type of solution allows lower costs for the participating companies, through the pooling of their demand, and synergies among their electricity consumption profiles.


Battery-based storage systems have been reducing their costs significantly over the last few years. This, combined with the existence of subsidies for this type of technology, makes it possible for NetOn Power to offer industrial customers greater coverage of their demand in certain situations through industrial self-consumption systems with storage, thus increasing the level of autonomy and energy savings.


Renewable hydrogen is expected to be the fuel of the future, being already competitive for certain applications, compared to fossil fuels under two conditions: the availability of electricity at a very competitive price and the proximity of hydrogen production to the end customer, in order to reduce transport costs. At NetOn Power we offer both possibilities for industrial and logistic transport companies, as well as to hydrogen suppliers. All this through the development of self-consumption plants close to the point of final consumption, feeding the electrolysers with low-cost energy.


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