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Know our values

At NetOn Power we have a strong commitment to five core values that bring life to our purpose: contributing to the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial companies through the development of integrated solutions for industrial self-consumption, rooted in the local environment.

The 5 values that guide us

These are the values on which each of our projects is built, aimed at efficiency and sustainability.

Value creation

We work to bring value to all our customers, shareholders, employees and partners as well as to the communities in which we are present.


We apply a rigorous sustainability protocol in all decision making, both at environmental, social and governance levels.


We always apply the highest standards of honesty, respect and rigour in all the projects we undertake.


We strive to improve our work every day, to always offer the highest levels of quality and efficiency.


We take great care to understand first-hand the needs of our stakeholders and seek to solve them collaboratively.